Sunday, July 24, 2016

Comic-Con Non-Badge Activities

Getting a badge to the exhibits inside the convention center is pretty hard, but there is a ton of things Comic-Con-related things to do all around the area. In fact, this year's non-badge activities were probably just as big or even bigger than the ones inside the convention center. Here are some of the things I saw yesterday outside of the Comic-Con going on at the convention center.

First, I started at the Embarcadero. This was were a special "Con-X" hosted by the E! entertainment channel was going on. Plenty of free stuff and food there.

They had a lot of good guest speakers. Here, Al Jean talked about the upcoming season of the Simpsons. I believe Adam Nimoy was also going to be there later that night, but I was too tired to stick around.

Even though you can't go in without a badge, you can see a lot just hanging around the outside. The Game of Thrones production was holding a panel on the inside of the convention center. On the outside, a group of people doing Game of Thrones cosplay posed for photos on the convention steps. Also nearby was the "Abigail" yacht from the Walking Dead. It had lots of zombie noises coming from it and at least one person was in makeup.

I popped into Comic-Con HQ and not only were there games, there was a panel going on there as well. Here, Robert Picardo, who played the holographic doctor in Star Trek Voyager as well as Richard Woolsey in Stargate, talks about his love of science and space.

Tons of stuff to do around Petco Park. Here's a sample of the interactive South Park display:

If you love games, then you'll have plenty of places to try out the new one. I tried to see the Star Trek art exhibit, but they had already closed. I had plans to photograph part of the Zombie walk, but I couldn't find it. The problem was that by 5 PM, there were so many people that if it happened, I probably wouldn't have seen it because of the crowds. There were tons of people everywhere at that time and it was hard enough walking down the street.

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