Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 San Diego County Fair

I went to the county fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and, sure, I can show you all kinds of boring photos of the fairway, rides, shops, etc like I've done thousands of times in my articles. Sometimes, I'll take photos of the animals in the barns, too. There was no poultry show when I went, so I have no poultry photos like last year. There were so many people, that I couldn't get any good photos of themed performers. Instead, I'll show you some other boring photos from the fair.

I like to look at the birds at the infield pond. This year, like last year, the area was fenced off and there was no access, so I couldn't see much. I heard a killdeer and some stilts, but saw no chicks or nests like I have in previous years. I did see this little ruddy duckling with his mom. They're the little spot in this photo.

I also like to go see the horses. I take pictures to use as reference photos for when I want to do horse paintings. Here is an American mustang at the World of Horses:

There were several competitions at the Charity Horse Show in the arena, including a western riding competition.

This year's theme was the 100th anniversary of Balboa Park and the World Fair of 1915. I saw this poster for 1915 rules for teachers posted in the art gallery. It's probably the only thing you're allowed to take a picture of in there. They don't like people to take any pictures of anything inside most of the exhibits, except, maybe, the animal and fair theme exhibit.

That's all I got. I didn't find anything extra interesting to photograph like a butterfly show or the Beatles theme like last year. The lighting wasn't that good, either. Next week, it's supposed to be really sunny and warm, so it might be good if you want to take nice pictures during that time. It's basically the same fair as usual with the same vendors. The day I went, the small music shows were good, but I didn't go to the grandstand shows.

The fair runs until July 5th and is closed every Monday. Be sure to arrive early, preferably on a weekday. I would recommend parking at the horse park as the parking in the fairground parking lot costs a lot of money. Plus, they drop you off right at the entrance.