Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby news, Ternwatchers, and people stealing wildlife

Gosling at Lake Murray

Sorry that it's been a while since I last posted. I've been dealing with other writing gigs and the like. Anyway, before I get started with a little news of what's going around San Diego and SoCal, I would like to make an announcement. If you enjoy researching birds and want to help with predator abatement of one of the world's cutest chicks, then you might want to be a Ternwatcher for San Diego Audubon. This program monitors and records predator interaction at the least tern nesting sites in Mission Bay. You can apply here. I am going to apply even though I am still having a hard time watching cute baby animals get eaten. I just witness a bunch of adorable ducklings at Lake Murray getting slaughtered by the herons. Plus, one of them was eating live squirrels, too. It's really hard to watch, especially when they're cute. Also, killdeer nest there, too, and I might faint if I see one of their babies carried off.

Speaking of baby animals, there are several baby goslings at Lake Murray right now and more of them on the way. All the babies from last year, now teenagers, are still hanging around, not knowing what to do. One of the babies, which was returned to the lake by Project Wildlife after it had disappeared last year, seems to have already found a mate for next breeding season. There are also baby squirrels at the lake, too, and about 30 ducklings have also made an appearance so far, but almost all of them have been eaten by herons and cormorants. But, more are to come.

What's up with people stealing wildlife, lately? Not only did I see a guy grab a nearly grown Canada goose at Lake Murray recently, but someone stole a baby seal in Los Angeles lately. I mean, seriously, what would someone want with a seal? The perps apparently harassed the mother and tried to grab both her babies, but the other one got away. I sure hope the baby they stole is doing OK because baby seals need a specialize diet and care. I can understand why people steal ducks and geese, but a seal has no useful purpose. 

If you love seeing the wildlife, don't take it with you. Let it be and you can enjoy it for the rest of its life.