Friday, March 27, 2015

Police searching for missing SDSU student at Lake Murray

Update: Right as I was posting this, they announced they found his body. Apparently, they found him while I was there, but I had left before they brought him out.

Many people who read my other blogs know that I frequent Lake Murray here in San Diego. I guess on Thursday morning, a set of clothes and other personal effects were found on the round concrete structure near the Kiowa Drive entrance. After searching all over the lake for the owner of these items, the police were called. There is currently a search going on.

Just to let you know, there is officially no fishing or any boat launching until the police are done in the area. They have the area completely closed off around the docks.

I don't know how much I want to say, but they are searching all areas of the lake, but are focusing just to the east of the booms at the dam and maybe near the dam.

The 18 year old man was a student at SDSU and did not show up to class on Thursday. Most of the school has been doing mid-terms all the last week as next week is Spring Break. One TV station has released his name and shown a picture of him, but I can't remember his name. But, I do know that he's from San Jose. His parents are very concerned about him and say he may have been under stress. According to some of the local media, a suicide note mentioning water and the lake was found.

There is talk by non-participants and observers that this might be a hoax. I think it might be wishful thinking. Bits and pieces are coming out through the media that indicate that this is something serious.

If you go to the lake, be aware that you may not be able to access certain areas or may be told to stay out of certain areas. Also, the noise from search helicopters is pretty loud. The helicopters were creating a wind that even blew a mother duck's tiny baby ducklings around.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Birdy weekend with a bird festival

OK, it's the weekend again!  And, it's birdy and the weather is awesome! If you want to help the least tern and visit an island in Mission Bay that you usually can't visit, then contact Christina Hirt of the San Diego Audubon Society at or call 858-273-7800 x106 ASAP.

Basically, what you will be doing is removing trash and invasive plants from FAA island on Mission Bay. It's a known least tern nesting area that has been having some success since it started to be maintained. The event takes place THIS SUNDAY, March 8th, probably in the morning. You have to contact Christina to find out the time and location of where the boat will pick you up. Once you are there, you can't leave until everyone's done, which will be in about three hours. There's no restroom or anything you can use as a restroom, so don't drink any coffee or juice that morning. But, do bring a water bottle and sunscreen.

Unfortunately, I've been sick a lot lately and haven't had the energy to work on the least tern sites this year. But, I may go to the San Diego Bird Festival at Mariner's Point. This year, not only Sunday set aside as a family fun day, THE WHOLE WEEKEND is going to have free family-friendly events. Friday and Saturday's free events go on throughout the day. There will be a couple of free bird walks in the area as well as kid's art classes, a class on attracting birds to your garden, and an expo with optics and live birds. On Sunday, most activities start around noon, but the 'Big Sit' along the bicycle path starts early in the morning. There are some events that might require a fee.

The Big Sit bird numbers around mid-day last year

Mission Trails Regional Park will have an art reception on Saturday, March 7th from 1-4 p.m. in their visitor's center. They are currently exhibiting work for the Pastel Society of San Diego. They are located at 1 Junipero Serra Trail near Mission Gorge Road.

Unfortunately, I posted too late for an upcoming hike on March 7th from 9 AM to 1 PM at the Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve. They required RSVPs on March 5th, so it's too late to reserve a spot. I'm just mentioning it because I want people to be informed about the Reserve and keep their eyes open for the next hike. They usually have a hike at least once a month. They're located in Southeast-Central San Diego County (east of Spring Valley). If you want to ask what hikes they will be having next time, call 619-654-3793.