Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmastime in San Diego

I've been sick lately, so I've missed out on a few events before I could post them here in my blog.  We've already gone past December Nights and one week of the Parade of Lights. Don't worry, if you missed the Parade of Lights around Coronado Bay last weekend, there's more this weekend. It get pretty crowded and cold, so arrive early and bundle up. Perhaps an evening barbecue at Glorietta Bay Park in Coronado before the parade might help.

I love my neighborhood this time of year. Despite being a poorer, working class neighborhood, they take pride in it and the majority of people decorate their houses with lights and whatnot. I work at night, so it's so nice driving home and seeing all the lights. Back when a lot of homes were being foreclosed on, a lot of the neighborhood lights went dim. It took a few years before I started seeing a lot of lights again.

If you're wondering what's closed on Christmas, a lot more than on Thanksgiving. All government offices, libraries, etc. are closed on that day. Most stores and restaurants will be closed or only open a short time on Christmas Day for those last minutes gifts. Some parks and all rec centers will be closed, too. Lake Murray's gates are locked, but you can still go in and walk and see the ducks. Just be aware that it will be packed like on Thanksgiving. Please be kind to animals.

Speaking of Lake Murray, we have a poor male Pekin with injured or diseased feet. I see swollen joints on him and tears in his webs as well as bumblefoot. Pekins, being a meat duck, are bred to be disproportionate and often their legs can't handle the added weight. When they get bumblefoot, an infection in the feet, it can spread to other parts of the body and cause arthritis, especially as they get older. I keep an eye on the domestic ducks at the lake and if I can get them help, I do. But, I am unable to take them home or care for them myself. The added restriction of not being able feed them due to park rules and that people get upset if I try to catch them for treatment makes it harder. I can tell he's hurting sometimes, but seems better after a swim and walking on the sand rather than the rocky shoreline. In this photo, he seems to be feeling good, but his foot seems sore.

The Christmas weather is expected to be very warm up until Christmas eve and then seasonal for Christmas day and the next few days after. I hope it's good the following Sunday as I'm doing the Christmas Bird Count that weekend and don't want to be wet after being sick such much this season.

On New Year's, I plan to go out counting shorebirds in the South Bay.

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